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Throw the Perfect Bachelorette Party

3 Great Ways to Throw a Picture Party

So You Wanna Dance...These 4 Simple, Yet Efficient, Moves Will Get You Grooving

A recession Proof Dinner Party How To Menu

Throw a Party Like a Professional

Organizing a party is hard work, and it's a fairly thankless task.  While you're worrying about making sure the snacks are flowing and the entertainment arrives on time, everyone else is out there having fun.  Take some advice from professional party managers, and you'll be able to put together a party that everyone (including you) will have the chance to enjoy.

Plan Early

Start planning the party as early as possible.  Sometimes, you will be tasked with putting on a last-minute bash, and in those cases you'll have to compromise to get things done in what limited time you have.  If you do get a lot of notice, though, then take advantage of it.  If you'll be hiring someone to do event management services, get them involved as early as possible.  Take care of the venue, catering, and other bookings as soon as you can, too.

Pick a Theme

Choose a theme before you go out and start buying decorations, food, and entertainment.  Put together a shopping list, and make sure everything works well together.  This will help you to avoid situations where you end up with a smart venue, posh entertainment, and paper cups, or something equally embarrassing.

Remember Your Audience

If you're hosting a networking party, try to hold it in a venue where people will be able to have a proper conversation.  If you're hosting a party for a range of age-groups and mixed genders, choose your entertainment wisely. Yetizen hosted an industry party at GDC 2012.  The party featured acrobats and other performers that were wearing very little.  These entertainers put on a spectacular performance, but their presence made several of the guests feel uncomfortable, which was not the desired result for a serious networking event.  When you're planning your party, think about the entertainment, setting, and catering.  Your idea of fun might not be the same as that of your guests.  It's best to play it safe if you'll have a lot of people attending.

Don't Be Scared to Delegate

Putting together a party involves a lot of work, and if it's not part of your usual job, it could end up being time consuming, and things could go wrong.  Don't be worried about delegating parts of the party planning to other people.  If you've already picked out the napkins and table wear, then let someone else pick them up for the store.  Bring a couple of people with you to work on the decorating too.  The job will go quicker with some extra hands, and you'll have someone to tell you if the posters on the wall aren't straight.

Bringing in an event management service can save you a lot of time too.  A good event management service will already have a lot of the stuff that you need to put together a great party, and they'll have contacts for things that they don't provide directly.  It may take you a few hours of calling around to find a caterer available to supply you on the day you're doing the party.  They already know exactly who to call.

Article written by Amy Fowler on behalf of AMA Events, event management service providers. Find out more by following AMA Events on Twitter.

The Perfect Birthday Party

Throwing a birthday party for your child is a great way to show them what a special day it is and to encourage them to play with others. There has been a boom in the children birthday party business recently, meaning that there are lots of companies for you to choose from if you decide to hire an entertainer to ensure your kids have a great time.

Who Can Help?

There are also some practitioners who like to offer stimulating events which combine having fun, celebrating and artistic development all in one. This can often include outdoor role play exercises, treasure hunts, craft making workshops or build a bear sessions. Thanks to the competitive market you should be able to find a good price for an entertainer, but do be wary of

companies who offer entertainers at a very cheap rate as they may not be experienced. So if you do go down the entertainer route, here are a few pointers to follow which will ensure your child gets the best day possible:

Ask for some reviews of the entertainer you will be hiring.

Make sure they are fully CRB checked with the company beforehand.

Ask if you will be able to talk to the entertainer before hand to arrange a bespoke party adaptable for your requirements and wishes.

Check you have the right space hired/equipment available for the entertainer.

Can I Go All Out Myself?

If you prefer to host the party yourself then there are lots of ways to build a party around what you and your child wants for their birthday. A good tip is to take your child’s favourite television character and build a party around that. For example, you could throw a Ben10 action adventure party and give each child an alien name and then they have to come up with the different traits of their alien. Or perhaps a Peppa Pig party where all the children make pig noses out of egg boxes and elastic bands?

One thing to remember is to make sure you have back up activities, children can get bored very easily and a game you might think they will love could be a total flop. On the other side of the spectrum, a game you think will last for ten minutes might be a massive hit and you will want to be flexible with the timings. Arrange a mix of active party games where the children are up on their feet and winding down ones which might include pass the parcel or singing happy birthday. Another great idea is to buy a home face painting set with a book full of designs. Basic designs such as hearts, butterflies and pirates bandanas are actually very easy and are always a success at children’s birthday parties. If you have older teenage children ask them to do the face paints to get them involved and to save yourself some extra work.

Rose loves being able to talk about the activities children can get up to, and helping people pick the baby names that they want for their children.  Creating the perfect birthday party is something that she hopes will be possible for kids around the world.

Is it Okay to Have a Military Themed Party For My Boys

Everyone has an opinion about the military. While some may be against sending our troops overseas to fight wars, our military is here to protect us, and whether you are for them or against them, they risk their lives for us and deserve our support.

If you have a son that is interested in the military and wants to have a military-themed party for his birthday, you may wonder if it would be in poor taste. What if a guest lost someone recently deployed? What if a guest is a pacifist?

It's just a child's party.
It is important to remember that it is simply a birthday party theme for a boy who has an interest. Many boys take an interest in the military at a young age. Their interest can be garnered from seeing war heroes on TV, knowing someone in the military or playing Air Force, Army or Marines with their friends. Their interest is purely a childhood interest. It is not an advocation for the military or for war. Your son may like the military the same way another kid likes Elmo.

You can't please everybody.
While you want to please your guests, you cannot accommodate everyone's likes and desires. From the food and drink you serve to the theme of your party, someone may be unhappy with one of your choices. Maybe you're serving chicken, but one guest only likes beef. You're not going to be able to make everyone happy, but if they are a guest at your party, chances are, they will understand. Most adults aren't going to cause a scene over something as minute as a birthday party theme.

Remember that it's popular.
Military themes are popular for birthday parties, which is why party stores sell military-themed products. There are camouflage dinnerware and decorations. If the theme were considered to be in poor taste, manufacturers wouldn't create these products. Since they are available in stores, people purchase them enough for stores to make some type of profit on them.

If you're worried, compromise.
If you're worried that one of your guests is going to be upset, or if you are still unsure of the theme, try compromising. You can buy the themed decorations and dinnerware, but don't play any war-like games. Stick to the basic games, such as piñatas or pin the tail on the donkey. Give military-themed prizes to the winners, such as gold medals.

If you're worried about one or two guests in particular, try talking to them in advance. Let them know that it is the theme your son picked and the theme he really wants. Tell the guest that you know their views on the military, and you wanted to check with them first to make sure they would be comfortable. You could also reinforce that it is simply a theme and is not an advocation.

Your child's birthdays are supposed to be special occasions. Children typically pick a theme that is important to them or that seems fun. Military-themed parties are not in poor taste. If your son wants it, throw it for him, and make sure he has a good time. He'll only turn that age once.

Margie Albright is a fulltime mother of 4 boys and a wife to a service member. When she's not taking care of her children by finding nutritional snacks, usually nuts, she is helping encourage her husband's passion for military robotics.

A Flexible Option For Your Party

These days there seems to be an unending list of ways to celebrate a birthday, but it can still be difficult to please everybody at once.

Physically taxing activities like paintballing aren’t for everyone, and often your guests would prefer to relax and unwind than spend the day chasing each other around a muddy field.

You have to find something that everyone will enjoy, which is why a private screening of your favourite film is an option definitely worth considering.

Celebrate Your Birthday With Your Favourite Movie

A trip to the cinema is a great way to celebrate your birthday and a wonderful opportunity to share your passion with friends and family. We all have a favourite movie. Some remind us of our childhood, while others scare the daylights out of us. Our love of film is inspired by a range of factors but the warm feeling we all get when we fire up our favourite flick is the same. It could be a personal passion you’re desperate to share with your friends, or a nostalgic stroll down memory lane for you and your invited guests - the cinema has something for everyone. And remember, a screening of your favourite film can be combined with other events to create the perfect day of birthday celebrations. The warmth and comfort of the cinema auditorium would be the perfect place to crash after an active or tiring afternoon, and it could also provide the perfect springboard to kick off your celebrations.

Combine It With A Night Out

Why not combine a film with your friends with a night out on the tiles or a meal out at a restaurant? It’s a flexible option, and most cinemas will be able to offer a range of windows throughout the day. However you choose to fine tune your cinematic celebrations, a memorable time is assured. And remember, by hiring out an auditorium you’ll get the place to yourself. You can choose to bask in golden silence in the company of those you hold dearest, or pump up the volume and enjoy a raucous couple of hours with your best mates. It really is up to you.

The cinema is rapidly emerging as a leading venue for corporate entertainment events, business conferences and private functions, as more and more people harness the immeasurable power that has captivated audiences for generations.

Everybody loves a night at the cinema, so why not consider it as a venue for your next big event? A blockbusting good time is guaranteed.

Article written by Emma, who loves writing about anything related to fun events and business conferences.

Host a Party Responsibly

Ready to party down or take a group out into the wilds for the weekend? If so, are you ready to take responsibility should anything go wrong? Have a look at some key factors to consider before sending out those invites.


Are You Prepared?

Accidents can end up becoming much worse situations if you aren't prepared to deal with it. Though it too rarely happens, everyone should have basic first aid training, including CPR and how to assist a choking victim. And always have your phone with you during an event because seconds could help save a life.

Is your house kid-friendly? It's okay if it isn't but if you're having a get-together that includes children then you need to do your best to kid-proof your house in a number of ways. A child's careless slip into a pool all too often ends in tragedy and you can't rely on the childrens' parents to always be watching. It's your home so do what you can to insure safety like putting up a pool guard, stair gates, and putting your nervous snippy dog in a room during the event. Also make sure that there are no cords running across doorways and patios, and such. It's also good to know what your home insurance will cover for accidents, if anything.

None of this isn't to be a downer but if you take a few precautions you will be more likely to avoid potential injury in and around your home.

Be Safe

When planning a party or excursion know that while accidents simply do “happen” you as host or guide also have a fair bit of control over the situation. So if working up an all-day kegger with a bounce castle and a trampoline, do you really think someone's not going to get hurt?

This warning isn't to squash the fun before it's even begun but it is a reminder that when you mix rampantly drunk friends with the tools for potential destruction you are pretty much making your own bed. So whenever possible, try to set some ground rules (no jumping off roof into pool, no playing with fire) and also make sure that more than a few someones are on hand to remain sober throughout the night. It's also a really good idea to have a first-aid kit and a fire extinguisher on hand just in case Uncle Charlie finds the Tequila.

And even on non-drinking outings, like hiking, it's still really important to be as careful as possible so as not to hurt yourself and your friends. Plan ahead by doing recon - check the weather, advise fellow hikers of what to pack, and then make sure that you personally have extra things like bandages, water, etc. It's also important to be aware of the fitness and skill level of each hiker and to pick a mountain or trail that all can handle.

Own Up

You may find that no matter what safety precautions you take, a friend or loved one might still get hurt, and sometimes seriously. If this does happen please do all you can to assist the injured party in whatever way possible. Even if they acted like a moron and did something stupid to get hurt they were still invited to the event by you or someone you know; if you've allowed them on board and are hosting then you should own up to at least part of the responsibility for injuries incurred.

Stuff happens and it's often more about how you all deal with it, than the original occurrence itself, that can make or break a friendship. So when hosting any type of event, do your best to be prepared, safe, and to own up to your responsibility every step of the way.

Written by Erin Nolan. Need to make an accident claim? Look here:

Tips for Running an Organized Birthday Party for a Toddler

If just the title of this article has your pulse running faster and your mind racing with anxiety, then you are not alone. Toddler birthday parties are stress-inducing for any parent, regardless of experience or expertise. Of course, it's impossible to completely organize a group of headstrong rugrats, but there are things you can do to ensure your party goes over as smoothly as possible. Here are five tips for running a semi-organized party for a toddler:

Don't sweat the small stuff. Your toddler does not care about decorations as much as you do - promise. Focus the majority of your efforts on keeping those little ones entertained. Don't worry about all the details that will go unnoticed by the guest of honor.

Entertainment. Toddlers need constant entertainment. But you don't have to hire a clown and a petting zoo to provide that entertainment. Designate a specific party area, and then fill that area with plenty of things for the little ones to do: toys, board games, and crafts can keep excited toddlers busy for hours on end. You can also plan some simple, organized (or semi-organized) games like pin the tail on the donkey and musical chairs.

Food. This is simple: serve cake and ice cream. It doesn't matter what kind. Most toddlers only eat the frosting off the cake and play with their ice cream until it is an inedible ice cream soup. It's more the experience toddlers are after - not the taste. To simplify food service even more, have cupcakes instead. Easy.

Party favors. You don't have to do anything fancy here. Just head over to your nearest discount store and purchase a few bargain bags of party favors. The important thing is that you keep party favor bags out of sight until the end of the party. That way, you can avoid arguments over whose is whose.

Cranky time. Whatever you do, be sure to plan your party outside of the realm of nap time. Plan a morning or evening party, and stay away from the questionable mid-afternoon hours.

If you are responsible for planning a toddler party, there is no need to fret . . . as long as you take certain planning steps and precautions. Follow these simple tips to prevent your best intentions from turning to chaos, and to provide a party that your toddler won't soon forget (until next year, that is). Oh, and don't forget to have fun! You'll earn it.

About the Author: Jamey Gingerich loves planning birthday parties and has the art of keeping toddlers entertained down to a science. She highly recommends all party-going moms grab a mug of oolong tea afterwards, as winding yourself down is also important. Check out for some awesome blends.

At Cocoon party, we specialise in outstanding party bags, incluidng an exquisite choice of party bags for children!

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